Why do we need your support ?

iM4TB is a non-profit Swiss Foundation. It has been created to bridge
the financial gap often called THE DEATH VALLEY and give the opportunity to our scientists to further develop our very promising drug candidate PBTZ169.
Be part of innovation and help us cure tuberculosis!

Donate via Bank Transfer:
Credit Suisse Lausanne
IBAN: CH 28 0483 5127 6364 7100 0
Clearing (in Switzerland): 4835
SWIFT (Abroad): CR ES CH ZZ 80 A

Donations and Tax Relief
As the Foundation Innovative Medicines for Tuberculosis is  an officially recognized public benefit organisation you may be entitled to tax relief for donations made. For further information, please contact your local tax office or go to Swiss Federal Tax Administration. Additionally, iM4TB has been certified as an equivalent to a U.S. public organisation since March 2016.

PBTZ 169 today, help us to transform it into tablets!
PBTZ169 today, help us to transform it into tablets!

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