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World TB Day

On March 24th 2021, World TB Day, Stewart Cole, President of the Institut Pasteur, stated that “Before the COVID-19 pandemic, TB control was making progress towards the sustainable development goals but, according to WHO, COVID-19 has set back TB control by 8 years!”.  In 2020, COVID-19 overtook TB as the leading cause of human death due to a single infectious agent.  Cole also said that “Governments have learned that Emerging Infectious Diseases like COVID-19 must no longer be neglected but policy makers must not forget that TB is a greater long-term threat than COVID-19 and need to plan accordingly. ERA4TB is an important part of the plan.” Since it first appeared, TB has claimed an estimated 1 billion lives around the world and, as recently as 70 years ago, was a leading cause of death in Europe.  Today, TB remains highly prevalent in developing countries.

Video ‘Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Tuberculosis Research’ by Stewart Cole (Institut Pasteur, Paris) recorded at the recent ERA4TB meeting.

Jenner Lecture 2020 – Professor Stewart Cole

Professor Stewart Cole was invited as a speaker to the renowned Jenner Lecture at St George’s University of London in October 2020. Prof. Cole’s presentation emphasized the need to accelerate tuberculosis drug development, considering that over 10 million active cases were reported only in 2018. Prof. Cole also talked about the Covid-19 pandemic and how the lessons learned from TB research could be used in managing this global issue.

Watch the recording of the lecture by Professor Stewart Cole at the Jenner Day 2020:

Accelerating Tuberculosis Drug Development

PBTZ169 Phase 1b Clinical Trial – Panel C

The third panel of the Phase Ib trial has started, aiming at evaluating the safety and tolerability of PBTZ169 at a dose of 600 mg, once a day for 14 days, in healthy volunteers.

A new method for PBTZ169 quantification

Our colleagues from the Laboratory & Service of Clinical Pharmacology at the CHUV validated an innovative methodology using multiplex UHPLC-MS/MS for the analysis and quantification of PBTZ169, as well as five of its metabolites, in the plasma of the healthy volunteers who participated in the phase Ia clinical study.

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Trial Safety Board authorises next panel

The Trial Safety Board assessed the safety and tolerability parameters for panels A and B, and authorized dose escalation as no salient adverse events were observed with PBTZ169 300 mg administered b.i.d. for 2 weeks. The trial will continue with panel C (600 mg q.d.) scheduled for June 2019.

PBTZ169 Phase Ib trial has started

The phase Ib clinical trial with PBTZ169 (multiple ascending doses) officially started, dose escalation will be performed through four panels A, B, C and D.

PBTZ169 as part of a new regimen

To evaluate the efficacy of PBTZ169 in combination with a range of other anti-tuberculosis (TB) drugs, our collaborators from the Cole lab, at the Global Health Institute of the EPFL, used in vitroassays and mouse models in order to design a new regimen against active TB. Notably, synergism could be observed when PBTZ169 was applied in combination with bedaquiline, clofazimine, delamanid and sutezolid.

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PBTZ169 to be Called Macozinone

PBTZ169 has been named Macozinone. Read more here.

PBTZ169 Phase Ia Completed

The phase Ia clinical trial with PBTZ169 is completed and the collected safety data, as well as pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters, are being analyzed.

PBTZ169 Phase Ia – 4th Panel started

The first three investigation panels of the Phase Ia clinical trial have been successfully completed. The fourth and final panel has started and healthy male volunteer recruitment is complete.